Isaac Newton sundial

We can see on this video the Sundial kept by Royal society made by Isaac Newton during his childhood. A piece of history and science together from one the greatest scientist of all time.


Sundial tattoo

The astronomer Woody Sullivan has designed a tattoo sundial, he has not permanently inked it on his skin (yet), but the proof of concept seems to work, it needs a bracelet wit a level and the gnonom. You can see more details and an interview clicking on the image.

sundial tatto

Woodruff (“Woody”) T. Sullivan III, sundial tattoo


Window sundial can design a customized paper sundial to be put on a window in order it could be seen from inside home. It will design a specific model for each orientation

South oriented

window sundial from inside

South window sundial from inside

window sundial from outside

South window sundial from outside












East oriented

Window sundial from inside

East window sundial from inside

Window sundial from outside

East window sundial from outside












North oriented

Window sundial from inside

North window sundial from inside

Window sundial from outside

North window sundial from outside












You only need 5 minutes for  Create your window sundial