Damia Soler

Hello! I am Damia Soler, I born in Valencia in 1973. I have been always in love with science and computers. On 2009 I wanted to create a sundial for myself, to do that I used Google maps and I programmed a tool to draw a paper cut out design. Doing that I thought It would be a good idea to create web page and offer the tool to everybody, It was the birth of sundialzone.com.

From the beginning in 2009, more that 300.000 paper sundials has been designed around the world, the website is translated to 14 languages and it is used by a lot of education centers and gnomist specialists.

SundialZone Logo

Thanks to

I would like to thanks the following people that have colaborated on this webpage:

Roger Bailey: Beta testing.
Daniela Bigatti: Italian translation.
Eric Ripoll: French translation.
Teodora Haralanova: Bulgarian Translation.
Yuriy Reznichenko: Russian translation.
Timm Delfs: German translation.
Josef Chlachula: Czech Trasnlation.
Amauri A. Brandalize: Brazilian Portuguese.
Bogusław Malański: Polish translation.
Dan Uza: Romanian translation
Stano Solar: Slovak translation